Discover the “eiver way of drive” Here we bring together more than 100 tips for car maintenance, economical and ecological driving and also safety, to help you improve your daily use of the car and reduce the impact of the car.

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eiverTip N°136 : the advantages of the electric car

An increasingly popular choice for motorists, the electric car offers much more than the simple advantage of preserving the environment. Indeed, although it generates significant costs at the time of purchase, it brings a certain profitability on the long term which...

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eiverTip 113: Refuel … and save money !

A visit to the petrol pump is inevitable and sometimes painful financially ... But it is possible to save money by refueling, amazing isn't it? object lesson! DISCOVER HOW TO SAVE MONEY WHEN REFUELING Tip 1 Do not wait until your tank is almost empty to go to the...

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eiverTip 114: You, your vehicle and other users

If some users think they are alone on the road, they are wrong ... Trucks, cars, motorcycles, bikes, pedestrians, everyone can share the road : we are all road users! Fundamentals of road placement for the road users Rule #1: keep your right It is imperative to keep...

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