In France, the car fleet is approaching 38.5 million, but how many motorists are well settled at their driving positions?

For daily trips or when going on vacation, your back can be severely tested if the posture is not ideal … A good position allows you to drive in a relaxed but efficient way, to be comfortable behind the wheel, it is to avoid excessive fatigue.

First step: the distance between the seat and the pedals

If you can fully disengage without your left leg fully extended, then the distance is good. If your legs are stretched, you are too far away (watch out for knee blockage!). If they make an angle of less than 90°, you are too close. A position of the seat too far away does not allow to engage with the whole foot but only with the ball of the foot, which is more difficult!

Second step: the height and the inclination of the seat

Even if in theory the seat back should be as parallel as possible to the steering wheel, it is neither possible nor desirable. The seat tilt must be between 95° and 110°. If the seat is too vertical, the whole body weight is carried by the bottom of the spine, in the long run it will become painful.

To obtain the correct seat height, you must be able to place your wrists on the top of the steering wheel while having your shoulders glued to the backrest. Your arms will be extended but without making the slightest effort! The goal is to see well in front of you the dashboard while having a good grip on the steering wheel and the possibility of properly pressing the pedals.

Third step: the height and depth of the steering wheel

The height of the steering wheel should make it possible to see the throush the dashboard and to be able to grasp it correctly by having your hands (either at 9:15 am or 10:10 am) slightly below the shoulders.

If the steering wheel depth can be changed, adjust it so that the articulation of your elbows forms an angle of about 120 °. Note that a minimum distance of 30 cm and a maximum distance of 45 cm is required between the center of the steering wheel and the base of your sternum.

Fourth step: the headrest

The distance between the head and the headrest should be minimal, no more than 2-3 cm wide! If the headrest is too much, in the event of an accident, you risk the famous whiplash. The top of the headrest should be at the top of your head.

You are finally ready to travel the roads but do not forget to stop anyway every 2 hours!