An increasingly popular choice for motorists, the electric car offers much more than the simple advantage of preserving the environment. Indeed, although it generates significant costs at the time of purchase, it brings a certain profitability on the long term which is not negligible. The simplified mechanics of the electric car have a definite advantage over a petrol or diesel model.


With no gearbox and no oil to change, the electric car has far fewer parts to maintain than a conventional car. Also, the kinetic energy used to slow down thanks to electricity helps to preserve the brake pads in the long term. In addition, some models have an energy recovery system during braking, further reducing the risk of brake wear. This means there is no need to worry about regular maintenance of the clutch, carburettor, spark plugs and pistons.

As far as the battery is concerned, it is still important to check it every year to avoid any problems. However, the battery gives you a margin of up to 15 years before it needs to be changed, which is not bad, isn’t it ? In fact, the battery of an electric car must reach its maximum charge before being changed. Of course, responsible driving can extend this period. And eiver is here to help you keep your electric car as safe as possible.


Yes, we’re not talking about fuel savings here. Investing in an electric car is not cheap at first. However, filling up with electricity will ultimately cost you less than filling up with petrol or diesel. To get a rough estimate, divide the price of a full tank of petrol by three to four times. As with conventional cars, the price may vary depending on the model of your vehicle. However, the cost is still lower.

To save even more money, think about long-term leasing. This allows you to control your total cost of ownership (charging, maintenance, insurance, etc.). Refer to a used electric vehicle specialist like Greenmove, because an electric car is not really ecological if it does not have a second life. You will benefit from personalised advice and will be accompanied in your decision to lease or buy. Do you have any questions or are you hesitating between several car models? Greenmove will help you. (Bonus point: the vehicle is guaranteed and delivered to your home 😉 ).