How does it work?


Rules of the game

eiver turns your driving into a fun and rewarding experience. Each journey generates experience points (XP) and credits (eCoins) convertible into exclusive discounts. By participating in challenges with exceptional prizes, you compete with members of the community, you earn trophies and become a champion of responsible driving.

How to earn XP?

Each trip earns you XP which is the counterpart of your driving efficiency. The less abrupt and less you accelerate and brake, the more XP you gain. Other actions, such as obtaining trophies, completing your profile, participating in challenges earn you additional bonus XP….

XP is a reflect of your experience, you can never lose it. These are the XP that determine your level passes.

How to earn eCoins?

eCoins are your credits, the virtual currency with which you will be able to benefit from the offers in the reward area and unlock advanced features (soon). eCoins are automatically generated by earning XP.

The scale is as follows: For 10 XP obtained, you earn 1 eCoin. 1 eCoin is equivalent to a discount of € 0.2 in the rewards area. Unlike XP, your eCoins pot can be fully used and therefore drop to zero.

Pass the levels!

The levels are a reflection of your commitment but also of your experience as an eiver member. The more XP you accumulate the more levels and experience you become. And finally, belonging to a level allows you to be eligible for certain events, such as participation in private challenges.

Why trophies?

There are a lot of positive things to celebrate during your journey behind the wheel and even between trips. Trophies encourage the steps of your progress and symbolize successful actions. Simply browsing the application home screens (Warm Up) allows you to win your first trophy. You will discover the other trophies over the course of your use: distance traveled, number of trips, time spent traveling with eiver … Be attentive, we have surprises in store for you at each stage of your use.

How do I measure my progress?

Refer to the bottom of the trip start screen or to your account, you will find a summary of your performance in the form:

  • a crown of stars which represents your average score on all the journeys made (score between 0 and 5)
  • a colorful “donut” that illustrates the quality of your journeys. In red (amateur), your worst trips, in yellow (pro), your average trips, in green (champion) your best trips.