Access to all of the ecological car wash offers for your vehicle in one click. WashMee is a platform that brings together and digitalises the offers of car wash professionals committed to safeguarding the environment.


The WashMee chart for the planet

Did you know that ?

Washing your vehicle yourself is an ecological disaster. It is forbidden by law everywhere in France and the fines are serious. However, washing your car yourself can consume up to 500 litres of water.

Not cleaning your vehicle is also harmful for the environment! Indeed, vehicles accumulate pollutions and hydrocarbons which flow into the ground and water table when it rains.

It is in response to this problem that Christophe Baron and Bertrand Gérard have founded WashMee. The idea: to bring together all the “eco-compatible” offers from car wash professionals.

Indeed, a station wash will only consume between 10 and 60 litres for stations equipped with recycling system and water treatment, which is not a general rule yet. A classic station will consume around 150 litres of water, which is still much less than the 500 litres used if you do it yourself.

WashMee, an all-digital offer

You have the choice of connecting: either directly from your computer at or from your smartphone with the WashMee app (Apple or Google store).

First of all, no need to register. Enter your address or geolocate yourself and the map will display the different washing solutions: gantries, tunnels, high pressure, hand washing, home washing, waterless washing… all the car wash professionals are present.

To make a reservation, you need to create your account and enter your type of vehicle. Then, WashMee can personalise the offers sent to you. Choose the one that suits you, make an online appointment and pay directly on the platform.

No more queues at the station or at the cash desk…

No more lost tokens whose provenance has been forgotten.


Washmee’s goals


Potential environmental savings generated by WashMee in 5 years:

175 billion litres of water saved


The self-wash about 500L vs. 10 to 60L in station or no water consumption for hand washing.

475,000 tonnes of pollutants recovered and recycled


Then we say yes 475 000 times to Washmee and its commitment by our side for a clean car that no longer dirties the planet!

So, to order a car wash, it’s WashMee.

To take advantage of it right away, go to the rewards area of the eiver app to discover WashMee’s exclusive discount offer specially designed for eiver drivers !