We like a media that puts forward all the beautiful ideas for a better responsibility, and that invites as many people as possible to join, without feeling guilty.

And that’s what we found on feat-y.com, the non-moralistic, non-conformist magazine that puts forward the Green and ethical world. And at eiver, it speaks to us a little, because feat-y is very close to our commitment. We devoured this magazine and really appreciated all the good ethical and exciting ideas presented in the Green n’Roll section.

While ecology is often associated with a universe a little apart and difficult to reconcile with our daily life organization, Feat-y takes the side of “putting green and ethics in your life with humility and humor”. Far from the moralistic and complex media, this magazine makes us rediscover the world of green and ethics in an offbeat and enthusiastic way, without taking the subjects it deals with lightly.

Why you will love it

A daring and original vintage aesthetic that stands out in the pastel world of green magazines, a “pop culture” impregnation, FEAT-Y is recognizable among a thousand.
 But the magazine’s strength lies above all in its commitment to thinking of ecology as a concrete reality in the current world, where concrete solutions are developed in all fields and by all.
 Its columns cover fields as varied as art, lifestyle or business, all in a bilingual format accessible to all.

Subscription is free, go to their home page.

We liked it so much that we thought we’d share it with you in an original way. And Florence, the founder of Feat-Y followed our lead to set up a partnership around a challenge for our subscribers. And it’s done, starting today.

To participate in this challenge, go to the eiver app, select the “Challenges” menu (2nd picto of the bar at the bottom of the screen from the left, choose the Feat-Y Challenge, and click on the “Participate” button.

To enter the ranking, make at least 15 trips and 100 km between 13/04 and 13/05/2021. Finally, to win, you must obtain the highest average eiver driving score over the period and FEAT-Y offers you… A work of art, by contemporary artist Zak Easy, worth €150.

To discover the universe of this contemporary artist with 1000 talents, it’s here