Did you know ? Washing your car is an ecological gesture. Contrary to popular belief, it is important to clean the outside of your car to reduce pollution! We explain to you why.


I don’t clean my car: I pollute

When driving, particles of pollution accumulate on the car body. In rainy weather, they will spill onto the ground, infiltrate and pollute the groundwater.

While we thought that not washing your car was an ecological gesture thanks to the water saving, we now realize that not doing it is polluting!


Washing your car at home is prohibited

Knowing that not washing your car is polluting, you might be tempted to take action by washing it at home. Do not do it!

Indeed, washing your car in the street in front of your house or in your garden is prohibited by law(Departmental health regulations on the cleanliness of roads and public spaces). This regulation can differ according to the area or regions, you can consult the decrees in force in each department. Spilling wastewater on public roads is punishable by a fine of € 450 and the penalty can be up to 2 years in prison and a fine of € 75,000 if the spill is responsible for pollution.


Why you should not wash your car at home

When you wash your car outside your home, polluted water is not treated. Indeed, it ends its course in natural environments by infiltration into the water tables or by the sewer.

In addition, water consumption is much higher than we think. A home wash can consume up to 500 L of water for a single car. Washing your car at home is not only polluting, but also very water-consuming!


Our washing tips

It is therefore advisable to wash your carin a car wash. The washing stations have a specific water treatment system which makes them less polluting than we think.

It is also possible to have your car cleaned by professionals who use the waterless washing method. This new process is ecological and can even be practiced in the form of a home service.

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