SaveCode receives a new award, the 2016 Startup price from IBM France.

ISV Business Partner IBM since 2015, distinguished at the IBM Beacon Awards on February 15th in Las Vegas among more than 160 00 IBM Partners, and member of the first IBM France Scale Zone promotion under the sponsorship of SigFox, SaveCode has just received the award of The Startup of the year 2016 by IBM France.

The trophy was awarded to Christophe MEUNIER-JACOB, CEO and Co Founder of SaveCode on 9 March at the yearly Kick Off event fort IBM France Business Partners (BP), at IBM’s headquarters in Bois Colombes (92), from Najette KADRI-MAROUARD, VP IBM Global Business Partner.

This award recognizes SaveCode’s commitment to implementing the development and hosting services of BlueMix, IBM’s Cloud Computing offering. SaveCode was one of the first companies to make this technological choice in France and chose IBM for its capacities to host customer data on the French territory.

“We are very proud of this new award, we are a recent IBM partner, and we do not yet have all the codes and experience of the major reseller and integrator partners. We are analyzing automotive data in real time and bringing new and highly innovative services to our customers in the automotive sector, and this is an opportunity for all of us Of the IBM ecosystem to address these new needs together. ” “Says Christophe MEUNIER-JACOB.

Since its entry into the Scale Zone, SaveCode has entered into 2 major automotive digitization projects with IBM France’s teams  for a potential of more than 300 000 new connected drivers. 2017 clearly marks the maturity of the Quantified Driving offerings and above all the interest of companies in the processing and exploitation of automotive data in order to offer new services to drivers.