Finally a week with a little sunshine. If you drive with aircon, here are our tips in order to use it wisely.


At high speed, do not drive with open windows because air conditioning burns more fuel. Degraded aerodynamic performance may cause you to eat as much, if not more than air conditioning. However, at low speed, less than 70 kph, driving with open windows is not annoying.

Do not turn the air conditioning up and down continuously.

24 ° C (or slightly more) remains a comfortable temperature. Remove the automatic climate control. And do not sit in your parked car in the sun with the air conditioning, if you can avoid. It is not uncommon to see black cars (the black colour absorbs heat) with air conditioning background under the sun, while the outside temperature is quite pleasant. So, stop your engine and get out of your car for an extended shutdown. If it’s really hot, stop in the shade, and enjoy an ice cream.

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