Summer temperatures can be really high, how can you help your car beat the heat? Here are some tips to keep your car – and your passengers – cool and protected.



Regular maintenance is key to helping your car survive a hot summer. Look for battery corrosion, as the heat raises the internal temperature of the battery and speeds up corrosion on the terminals. Check your vehicle’s fluid levels, particularly the engine oil and coolant. You’ll also want to inspect coolant hoses for wear and tear and look for leaks, which typically develop near hose clamps, the radiator and the water pump. Other levels to check include brake, transmission and power-steering fluids.

Driving with properly inflated tires will help reduce the risk of tire blowouts and lengthen their life. An under-inflated tire generates more heat, which adds to already-hot summer temperatures and causes them to wear out quicker. Check your vehicle’s tire pressure in the morning or when the tires have been sitting for more than three hours, as tire pressure recommendations are based on the tires being “cold.”

It’s hard for most of us to imagine driving around in the heat without air conditioning. To keep that cold air pumping through a heatwave, make sure there is enough refrigerant in your car’s air-conditioning system. Leaving windows cracked or vents opened will also allow hot air to escape. Open all the doors to let more heat out is recommended before entering your car.

Leather and vinyl seats can get really hot – even when parked in the shade. Parking in the shade will help keep the cabin cooler, but to keep the parts of the car you come in contact with from getting too hot, put towels on the seats and steering wheel.

Helping your vehicle during the hot weather is good, but think about protecting yourself too !


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