For long journeys starting or returning from vacation, we must ensure not to be too hot.

Here are some reminders and useful tips when facing high heat.

Here’s what to do during the trip, if it is hot:

  • Drink plenty of water and try to cool down often using a fogger.
  • Take frequent breaks, especially if you are traveling with children and the elderly. On some areas of highway, enjoy giant showers misters at your disposal!
  • To refresh the air in the car, consider installing a visor and, if possible, park in the shade.
  • Set the air conditioning so that the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures is moderate: not more than 4 to 5 ° C difference. Otherwise, beware of colds and sore throats!
  • If you do not have air conditioning: before getting in the car, air a few minutes the car by opening the doors in full. When driving, use the ventilation system of the car. If this is insufficient, open it slightly a front window and a rear window in order to ensure air circulation. But beware the noise thus generated is tiring for the driver.
  • Note that the color of the body influences the temperature inside the cabin. The more a vehicle is darker, it retains heat.

Your vehicle also suffers from the heat. If the engine warms up, slow down and operate the ventilation at max while opening windows to evacuate some of the heat generated in the motor.

If that’s not enough, stop until the temperature has dropped to an acceptable level.

Reminder: The coolant should be changed every two years.

See you again soon!

(post created with the support of French Road Safety Association.