Every year we complained for months of being cold, moaning against bad weather and hop, as soon as it is a little warmer and sunny,  complaining again! Then turning on the air conditioning thoroughly. Beware, besides catching a cold you will consume a lot.

Get your air conditioning eco-friendly

It’s already hot and you enter a burning car. The first reflex is pushing the air conditioning inside and out. Warning here are the risks. :

  • First, the windshield breaking: if your windshield is weakened by a small impact, a sudden temperature difference between the outside and inside may weaken or even crack it in the first 5 minutes.
  • Then overconsumption: the effort to produce energy to lower the temperature by 10 degrees or more is phenomenal. In the city, it is estimated that the consumption due to the use of auto air conditioner can reach 25 to 35% more. The vehicle is moving at low speeds, the outside air cools the car less and air conditioning is also set to benefit contribution.
  • Finally pollution: yes, this goes with it, especially in cities. You often stop at traffic lights or stops, and need the engine running to power the air conditioning. Worse, sometimes engine and air conditioning started for 5 minutes or more before you start to roll. This is useless and more environmental pollution is increased tenfold. In addition, the fluids used in air conditioners deplete the ozone layer and contribute to the greenhouse effect.

eiver’s Small tips

So, do not engage in air conditioning when you start driving. Open the driver and passenger windows for the first miles travelled to ventilate the interior and reduce the temperature in the cabin.

As a result, do not forget to close the windows of your car before you turn on your air conditioning system, the operation of your car air conditioner will be even more effective.

The use of air conditioning requires between 10 and 20% more fuel than an open window, that is only 1% of consumption. This amount is doubled when the air conditioning is on and your windows are open.

Generally not exceed 6 ° C difference between the outside temperature and that in the interior of the car.

Turn your aircon a few minutes before arrival.

Your car is less power consuming on the way and you will be less likely to get hot/cold feeling out of the car. In high heat, put a sunshade on the windshield of your car when parking in a sunny location.

Run your air conditioning regularly throughout the year.

Against all odds, this is important because it allows you to clean little vents and reduce the risk of pollution and odours in the cabin. So let’s be clear, this may be once or twice a month during the winter, not more.

The revision of your air conditioning system should be made regularly

The AC may very well improve the quality of the air you breathe in the cabin, but on one condition: that it is well maintained. The replacement of filters must be made according to the manufacturer’s recommendations (usually once every two years).

A study by the Graduate School of Medicine Hannover showed that the amount of microbes, bacteria, particles and pollen compared with the outside air is reduced by 80%. This improves the quality of ambient air, especially for people with allergies or suffering from respiratory diseases.


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