To live in peace on the road and avoid any risk or danger, it is advisable to take a defensive driving, especially in cities.

What is a defensive driving ? 

Driving defensively in town, what is it? Aggressive driving reduces driving time averaged 4%, whereas it increases fuel consumption by up to 37% and multiply by five toxic emissions, not to mention the fine particles that escape more if forced acceleration. And since it is in percentages, about 50% of gasoline burned in a city by a personal car is under acceleration.

So a so-called “defensive” driving, it is the opposite way of driving. This is not because we do not start with a bang, foot to the floor, that we will be less effective and responsive. Accelerate moderately through the right gear will not make you more “hang” at startup. Of course, we all know that the reaction time, especially in the city, is essential to be able to move efficiently and avoid creating “frustrations” among drivers who follow you. So it is important to be attentive to the passage of light to green and start normally. Similarly, arriving with a bang at a stop sign or red light is not necessary, except scaring pedestrians around you. If we anticipate, we may even prevent shutdown if decelerates early enough, as long as the light turns green.

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