Go ahead and pass the speeds quickly. By doing that, you will save quite a bit of fuel.

Quickly switch your gears will make you earn max.

Many of us have learned to drive with an instructor who told them: “Go right ahead” i.e, start fast and shift gears. Great advice, if you do not make the engine roar…https://eiver.co/en/blog/save-while-driving/eivertip-51-select-the-right-gear-ratio/

In town, there is a tendency to stay in second or third gear when it is more advisable to drive in fourth. Yes, even at 50 kph. This advice is obviously valid for all vehicles with 5 or 6 gears. that is to say …. 99% of vehicles.

To drastically reduce your consumption, especially in urban areas, you’re invited to quickly move your gear ratios. Reach 2000 rpm max for diesel and 2500 for petrol engines, then go to the next. You will see that you are going to save at least in three areas.

  • First your instant consumption. At the end of the day, week or month you will see that you have saved a lot.
  • Then, as a direct result, you reject less pollution, especially particulates.
  • Finally, you will also gain comfort for you and your passengers. Less shaking, and less noise. This is particularly significant for pedestrians and cyclists around you. Think about it.



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Groupe 22 - eiverTip 07: Switch gears as soon as possible