The increasingly rapid adoption of electrical technology brings new benefits for drivers and for the planet. It is cheaper but sometimes less polluting energy (it depends on the power plants, ok). But to ensure sustainable savings, it is important to maintain your battery well. Here is our advice in collaboration with our partner “La Belle Batterie“.

1) How to recharge your battery?

There are roughly 2 ways to recharge your battery :

  • with a slow charging system, during the night in your garage or in an adapted parking lot mainly in the city.
  • with a fast charging system, often installed in a petrol station or at a rest area on the highways.

Fast charging is not allowed on all electric cars, and even when it is possible, it is not recommended. Why not? Simply to preserve the autonomy of your battery. Okay, for a time saving it’s tempting. In fact, your car recharges faster and you can be back on the road in no time. However, numerous studies show that repeated use of fast charges reduces the life of traction batteries.

2) How to preserve its durability?

As it is not advisable to wait until the end of the tank to fill up, our advice is not to let the battery discharge completely. Start charging when you reach about 20% without charging your car to the max. Except for long journeys, the manufacturers recommend a maximum charge around 80 %.

To preserve the life of your battery, pay attention to your driving style as well. Indeed, pressing the accelerator pedal fully in “sport” mode puts an enormous strain on the battery and wears it out very quickly. This is the case at high speeds on freeways. Well, it looks like the best method for electric driving is the one proposed by eiver: no abrupt movements, progressive acceleration and a speed between 80 and 110 km/h on roads or highways.

3) The golden rule for a good conservation

A stopped electric car is fragile so store it in the right place ;-). Park it in the shade and in a sheltered place in case of heat or in a temperate place (garage) in case of extreme cold.

Do not leave your car at rest for too long when the charge level is high. If you don’t use your electric vehicle for a long period of time, park it in a cool place with a charge level of about 60%.

Thanks to our partner “La Belle Batterie” who helped us to write this article.