Did you know that? A dirty car pollutes. We would tend to want to reduce our cleaning frequencies to limit our water consumption… mistake. In fact, the rain residue accumulated on the bodywork continues to spill onto the road and ends up in the water table. That’s why this article explains how to clean your vehicle in an environmentally friendly way.


It is strictly forbidden to wash your vehicle on the public road, including in your garden. The water and chemical cleaning products used release polluting substances into the environment. That is why there are settling tanks in the car wash to treat the waste water.

For an ecological washing process, the use of hoses is prohibited. Indeed, it can make you consume up to 600 liters of water against 350 liters maximum for a roller wash. However, we recommend that you clean your car without water!


First of all, make sure your bodywork is cold and moderately dirty.

STEP 1: the exterior

Use a microfiber cloth to gently dust the surface of the vehicle. Then, use an environmentally friendly cleaner, always starting at the top of the car. For instructions on how to use it, please refer to the directions on the product. Finally, as you don’t use water, you will have to rub it with several cloths.

For windows, headlights, mirrors and wiper blades, use a squeegee and an eco-detergent.

For the rims, you will need one or more brushes and a no-rinse cleaning product designed for this purpose. Many of these products have UV protection.

STEP 2: the interior

The vacuum cleaner is your best ally for dusting your interior, but it is not enough to clean thoroughly. That’s why you will first need an ecological textile stain remover for your carpets. Make sure you have shaken them well outside beforehand and then vacuum again.

If the seats are made of leather, use a biodegradable cleaner of vegetable origin specialized for leather. In addition to cleaning, this product will moisturize and protect.

For plastic, use a damp microfiber cloth and remove stains and stains with an Eco Certified cleaner specialized for plastic.

Finally, chamois leather is an excellent cloth, essential for your interior windows, especially in winter when the fog comes in. However, it should be moistened beforehand.

For an extra touch of freshness, spray a little eco-friendly car deodorant scented with essential oils. Your passengers will thank you. 😉