Message to all fans of the manual transmission. That mastery of Pommeau-vitessethe fingertips and the left foot. Here are the instructions from the experts.

Drive in the right gear. under or over-gear driving is very punitive. Under gear your engine can be in trouble, you can sometimes hear the click and if you put your foot to the board, the acceleration does not occur immediately (the engine is very hard to take turns). When over the right speed your engine is noisy and very sensitive to the deceleration (important engine break). Trust your ear. With a diesel engine, the right position is generally between 1,500 and 2,000 rpm, with a gasoline engine between 1800 and 2500, but this can vary from one model to another.

The right engine speed also depends on the ratio in which you are and engine load. Downhill, you can then move up a gear, uphill, you will instead downgrade. A diesel engine at 3000 rpm in sixth on the highway is the right plan, but the fourth in 70 km / h the right diet will be closer to 2000 rpm because the air resistance is lower.