Zenpark, leader in shared parking

Zenpark is the largest network of shared and connected car parks in Europe. Accessible via a mobile application, Zenpark allows you to park in a practical, cheaper and stress-free way. How is it possible ? By optimizing vacant places located in the private parking lots of residences, hotels and offices.

Why park with Zenpark?

Simplicity and ease of use

Parking with Zenpark is piece of cake! Via zenpark.com or the mobile application, you can reserve a parking space near your destination in just a few minutes. All the information you need is available on the parking sheets, as well as the places and districts located near the parking space in question.

To enter or exit parking lots, simply use the virtual remote control built into the application.

Very attractive prices

Present in more than 35 major cities, this shared parking service allows any motorist and two-wheeler driver to park their vehicle at a lower cost. Zenpark offers hourly or monthly parking rates, up to 70% cheaper than roads. Who said that parking at a low price was impossible? 😉

Varied offers adapted to your needs

Zenpark has developed different formulas to meet all parking needs. Do you need a place near your home or your workplace? Opt for a monthly full-time parking rental (24/7). Do you need to park punctually but regularly? “Timeshare” formulas have been specially designed so that you can park 5 days a week, on weekends or only in the evening.

Features that make your life easier

Zenpark has developed several functions allowing you to anticipate and manage your parking as well as possible. Indeed, if you wish, you can reserve your parking space up to 3 months in advance. Convenient when it comes to planning your vacation isn’t it? Moreover, near airport, Zenpark offers parking lots with a free shuttle service, taking you directly to the various terminals. A meeting that drags on? Zenpark has thought of everything! In a few minutes, you can stop stressing and extend your parking reservation in one click by selecting the duration that suits you.

Zenpark x Eiver: responsible mobility players

Using a shared car park is helping to save 1,000 tonnes of CO2 per month! Like eiver, Zenpark intends to change the behavior of road users. By using these two applications together, your driving habits will only be better: Zen, economical and respectful of the environment. No more unnecessary spending, adopt the right reflexes!


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