We invited Mr Renard, Head of Marketing at VINCI Autoroutes to answer our questions on electronic toll collection.

Hello Mr Renard, can you present us with the ULYS by VINCI Autoroutes electronic toll collection system?

Ulys is the trademark of VINCI Autoroutes. In particular, it covers all of our electronic toll subscriptions. Thanks to the electronic toll badge, which our customers affix to their windshields, the barrier can be crossed easily. No need to stop to take a ticket or pay. A simple beep at the entrance and then at the exit indicates that the trip has been recorded and that it will be billed on a monthly basis.

Can anyone subscribe to the Ulys by VINCI Autoroutes electronic toll collection offer ? Can this subscription be done on the internet or do I have to stop on the motorway to subscribe to a subscription?

Anyone can subscribe. The only requirements are to have a driver’s license and a car! To subscribe, it’s very simple. There are 3 solutions:

  • Online at ulys.com. The order is made in a few clicks and the badge is delivered to the address of your choice within 48 hours (subject to postal deadlines)
  • In one of our Ulys stores, list HERE
  • By phone, at 3605 (Free Service + call price)

Are there delivery costs for the reception of my box?

Yes, costs of € 5 including tax are to be expected for any shipment to an address in France, Monaco and Andorra. They amount to € 15 for other countries.

Do I pay a subscription when I am not using my electronic toll badge?

It all depends on the subscription plan you choose. Ulys Temps Libre, designed for so-called “occasional” use, allows you to pay management fees – € 2 – only in the months when you are traveling on the motorway.

Does the Ulys electronic toll badge work outside of France?

Our Ulys Temps Libre, Fréquence, Premium and Liber-t Vacances packages include a Ulys Europe option which also allows you to use your badge in Spain and Portugal.

Do I really save time on my journeys by subscribing to the electronic toll offer?

You gain not only in time but also in comfort. Do you remember going through the toll booth when there were traffic jams? If the answer is yes then imagine having a solution to get in front of everyone …

Ulys is also an application. As with the eiver app, have you planned a rewards program if I use the Ulys app?

Ulys is also an application, a travel companion that accompanies you before, during and after your journeys. We offer a rewards program within this app that allows you to enjoy free hot drinks all year round. We invite you, does that tempt you?

To benefit from it:

1) Download the Ulys application

2) Log into your account to get a coupon in the “rewards” tab

3) Go to the partner area of ​​your choice to get your drink

Thank you Mr. Renard for this information and as we say “yapluka”;) to benefit from all these advantages.


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