eiver supports drivers on a daily basis. This of course involves the presentation in the rewards area of ​​the best conditions for maintaining your vehicle or benefiting from discounts on parking lots or motorway subscriptions. But our support would not be complete without a reliable and useful complementary auto insurance offer.

A really smart complementary car insurance

Your auto insurance probably offers good coverage, but in general, it’s always the unexpected expenses or uninsured claims that make you regret purchasing your insurance. With Club Identicar, you benefit from truly effective complementary auto insurance.

Want some examples? Consider, a subject that is always very frustrating, the amount of the deductible that remains at your expense in the event of a claim, whether responsible or not. Club Identicar buys your excess up to € 1,000 in the event of a responsible claim, vandalism or parking shock. Finally a solution for your small repairs and to keep your vehicle in impeccable condition.

Another example, your tire is torn, it is not repairable…. It must therefore be changed. But since it is used, it is also necessary to change the opposite tire which has the same level of wear. And here again Club Identicar takes care of the change of your tires in addition to your insurance and within the limit of € 200.

Do you have a breakdown that requires towing and your insurance does not cover this case? Don’t panic, Club Identicar is there for you, up to € 1000.

And if you need a replacement vehicle, extend your vehicle warranty or take advantage of the free license point recovery course, that is also possible. So there we go, we went to the Club Identicar team and asked them for great conditions for our great drivers. And they told us yes ;-).

Benefits in addition to insurance

But in addition to these advantages, you can also benefit from all the good deals offered by our partner. Here are some examples :

  • 1 year subscription to Ulys by Vinci electronic toll payment offered;
  • a reduction on your stay at CenterParcs: -35% on your accommodation and 3 free activities;
  • Discounts at the main amusement parks in France
  • up to -50% reduction on your Skiset ski equipment;
  • 10% reduction on your parking with Onepark;
  • 10% reduction at AutoGrill motorway restaurants;
  • -12% on Smartbox gift boxes;
  • up to -30% discount on your thalassotherapy stay with Thalazur
  • a taxi order processed as a priority at G7.

In view of the success of the 1st “Roulez Serein” challenge organized this summer with Club Identicar, we are therefore renewing the operation with the “Roulez Super Serein” challenge from 8th September to 6th October, and with even more prizes to be won: the 100ers will be able to win up to 6 months of insurance offered by Club Identicar.

To win this challenge, all you have to do is apply what you know how to do best: accelerate and decelerate moderately and thus optimize your score.