eiver, among the world’s 101 most inspiring ideas for a sustainable tourism.

We are very happy to have been chosen by the municipality of Gothenburg, the 2nd Swedish city with more than 500,000 inhabitants, to be part of their selection of the most inspiring projects on the planet, as part of the “101 sustainable ideas for a better tourism “

This initiative highlights the most inspiring ideas in the world for imagining the tourism of tomorrow, including of course the resulting automobile trips.

All the ideas have been categorised across one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The city of Gothenburg has been recognized as the most advanced and innovative city in environmental protection and sustainable development. Gothenburg is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Northern Europe. It is also the cradle of the Swedish automotive industry, with a world famous brand: VOLVO. Its entire agglomeration has nearly 1 million inhabitants. Finally, it is the first Scandinavian port.

The travel industry has undergone a great transformation over the past twenty years, driven by technological advancements and an increased awareness of sustainability and respect for local communities. The city of Gothenburg has done well with this transformation, with several consecutive awards as the most sustainable tourist destination in the world. This inspired them to share their learnings and help others develop in a positive direction.

Since the start of this initiative, global tourism has experienced massive disruption. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed what we thought we knew, and the crisis underscored the need for innovative and creative thinking to rebuild and rethink tourism. At eiver we are very proud to carry this message alongside the city of Gothenburg.

Need to know more ?  : https://www.101sustainableideas.com/

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All the ideas have been categorised across one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.