Following numerous inquiries about the possibility of earning money with eiver, we will answer all your questions. Today, many apps promise you to earn money “for free”, but eiver is not that and we explain why.



Over the past few years, new applications have appeared with an attractive advertising message: it would be possible to earn money easily and free of charge. All right, we’ll give you that! So we decided to take a closer look at these applications and explain how eiver is different.

There are several categories of such applications:

  • the applications that require you to do micro-tasks: answering surveys, monitoring stores, testing games… In this case you are paid for your actions;
  • apps that make money with direct branded advertising: pop-ups appear on your screen and you are forced to watch the ads that appear;
  • applications that use your personal datato resell them. Indeed, by accepting the general conditions of use, you give these applications the right to use your data as they wish and therefore to resell them for a few euros. It is thanks to these transactions that the application is able to remunerate you.

In each of the above cases, either the user is the “Product” or he has to do actions to earn money. So why can’t you make “real” money with eiver?



eiver doesn’t do any of that. We do not use your personal data, we do not offer you to watch advertisements to earn money or to perform micro-tasks.

When you’re driving, it’s an action you would do without having eiver. When you activate eiver, you can measure your behaviour and thus reduce your fuel consumption and the maintenance costsof your tires and brakes. You gain purchasing power through responsible conduct. To learn more about the benefits of responsible driving, you can visit : L’argent que vous “gagnez” avec eiver, ce n’est pas de l’argent que vous recevez grâce à vos données ou petites tâches mais l’argent que vous économisez en adoptant une conduite responsable. The money you “earn” with eiver is not money you receive from your data or small tasks, but money you save by behaving responsibly. In fact, you save money by driving!



Aux questions “Comment vous faites pour vivre ? Payer vos salaires ?”, on peut déjà répondre que non, on ne gagne pas notre salaire en vendant vos données. To the questions “How do you make a living? Pay your salaries?”, we can already answer that no, we don’t earn our salary by selling your data. We sell these programs to interested partner companies to communicate with a population of engaged drivers.

But you might think, “okay, but then what are you doing with my data in the app? Do you give it to your partners?” If we did that, we’d lose your trust and our model wouldn’t work. So we don’t do it. We hosts your data (of which you remain the exclusive owner) to which you have access at any time for consultation and modification. The only way for our advertising partners to receive your personal information is if you provide it directly to them by creating an account on their platform and accepting their own terms of use.



To be able to offer you real gifts, as part of the challenges organised in the app, and to reward the best drivers, we ask the sponsoring brands to finance vouchers or gift cards such as the “ça passe crème” challenge by Ulys, for example.

In any case, we try to offer you ecofriendly gifts that allow you to consume in a different way. The idea is to support the transition to more environmentally friendly modes of mobility without penalizing drivers, who are often given little consideration. Offers in the automotive world are also available in the Rewards Areaof the application.

We are of course open to any partnership proposal, whether it is related to the automobile or the eco-friendly lifestyle, and we would be delighted to receive your ideas! Please do not hesitate to contact us directly at


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