IMG 7443 300x225 - IBM Watson Summit: eiver introduces a new cognitive feature

On October 10, the IBM Watson Summit was held at the Carrousel du Louvre, an annual meeting of the IBM ecosystem: 1,500 clients and partners were present.

IBM Watson is the suite of artificial intelligence and cognitive intelligence solutions from IBM, in the cloud, capable of collecting written, sound, visual data, interpreting them, learning them and providing a response or a service. IBM Watson is available on a simple web platform, called BlueMix, a sort of feature catalog for software developers.

We are software developers. We have even filed 2 patents on our own technology for recognizing and qualifying automobile journeys. So we looked at IBM Watson and looked for building blocks that would allow us to perfect or improve our responsible driving assistance services.

We have selected 3 of them, which helped us to develop our new feature: eiverSafety.

eiverSafety allows the qualification of degree of emergency in the event of an accident or sudden stop of a vehicle on the road. This by activating a dialogue protocol with the driver, by voice, directly on the driver’s smartphone, without any equipment or physical connection to the vehicle.

This is what we presented at the IBM Watson Summit conference. And since a short explanatory video is always better than a long article, we let you watch and discover eiverSafety, an innovative and universal feature in the field of driver assistance and road safety.