eiver offers to its users exclusive prices negotiated especially for them with partner brands. Only automotive and eco-friendly offers? Yes, to save money on a daily basis! We explain how you can save money.


Why car and eco-friendly offers?

Since 2019, eiver is directly aimed at drivers with the desire to reward all their actions as responsible drivers and above all to encourage the transition of our lifestyles to more virtuous models as of today. More than just rewarding good drivers who are willing to reduce their impact on the environment (and that’s already great), we want to promote citizen behaviour.

That’s why you’ll only find responsible offers in our Rewards Area. By “responsible” you should understand that we strive to favour products that are environmentally friendly, sustainable and help preserve and develop local jobs. Our desire is to enable everyone to consume better and save: on their car budget and on a daily basis. 

As an application of eco-responsible driving, our offers naturally turn to automotive and eco-friendly partners! 


Automotive offers to save on your car budget

At first glance, car offers could be considered as being environmentally unfriendly and therefore contrary to our values. However, we can never say it enough, but one of the pillars of responsible driving is the maintenance of one’s vehicle. Poor maintenance means a shortened lifespan of your vehicle, costly and unexpected repair costs, over-consumption of fuel, in short, an obvious increase in your car budget (in addition to an increase in your carbon footprint). The cost of a car breakdown can go up to 300€, wouldn’t it be better to prevent than to cure? Similarly, washing your car at home (which is strongly discouraged, to find out more, click here) consumes a lot of water unnecessarily! Therefore, prefer to wash your car in a car wash station for greater efficiency and savings. 

To allow you to be at the top on the maintenance of your car, we have negotiated with our partners exclusive offers in the automotive world, to which only you have access. Insurance, car wash, garage services, you will find the offer you need. Our aim is simple: to enable you to maintain your car at a lower cost, avoid heavy and unexpected loads and reduce your impact on the environment. 

Thanks to the eiverTips, we guide you to maintain your car even better and thanks to the Rewards Area, you can do it at a low price. Go quickly to the application to discover all the car offers!  


Eco-friendly shops to save money on a daily basis

If you don’t get offers in the form of a purchasing card from the major online retailers, it’s because you’re not really saving money. You may feel like you have access to low-priced items, but in reality, they are designed to make you buy them regularly and therefore spend a lot of money. 
By choosing better quality products produced in France, you support the local economy, reduce your carbon footprint and save money over time. To illustrate this with figures, here are some reasons to consume differently. 

  • Stopping coffee in disposable capsules means savings of over €395 per year and a significant reduction in non-recyclable waste.
  • By investing in a gourd such as those offered in our partners’ shops, it’s 218€ of savings.
  • Thanks to home-made household products, it’s more than 60€ of savings per year. 

And there are plenty of other figures like the ones highlighted… In addition to the savings you can make, you considerably reduce your impact on the planet. In addition, new online shops are appearing with one goal: to make organic food accessible to everyone. The aim of these new online organic supermarkets is to fight against clichés such as that of saying that organic is extremely expensive. That’s why you can find in our Rewards Area offers from online supermarkets that will allow you to consume better and cheaper. Don’t forget that these offers have been negotiated especially for you, so you have every reason to take advantage of them. By exchanging your eCoins among the “food” and “eco-friendly shops” offers, you make savings on top of those made on your car budget. 

So convinced? Go to the Rewards area to find out about the latest offers!


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