“France Digitale” includes digital Champions in entrepreneurship: startups with high growth project and investors (venture capitalists and business angels) .

“France Digitale” was born in 2012 from initiative of leading french digital entrepreneurs and investors.

The mission is to transform France into a conducive territory to the development of startups, in France or abroad .

Build an alliance of digital economy entrepreneurs and investors in France to become a fertile territory for the creation of digital champions of international stature.

“France Digitale” is :

  • Pragmatic : no political color and consistently supported its proposals on figures and ad hoc studies.
  • Agile : cherishes a culture of execution and goes where you need it.
  • Precursor : promotes a new business model that gives a major role to young people, innovation and sharing of the value created .
  • Free : Members walking together towards the same goal, but remaining free . Single code of conduct imposed , come as you are .

SaveCode joined members “France Digitale” in December 2013 and now participates in this process of creating a new economy to boost growth and employment in Europe.