b76aee94ff0bd561b9f34be3281f09b9 - 1st European Patent for eiver“Submit a patent on a Algorithm ? Are you kidding ?” Not at all, and we’ve been thinking about it for quite some time.

Intellectual property has evolved with the economy. Today, in Europe, IT innovation competes with industrial innovation. Protection of software inventions is just as valid and “recoverable” that the protection of material inventions. This is new in Europe, and particularly in France. Let’s explain …

A software solution for driver assistance, capable of calculating fuel consumption and environmental impact, without depending on a particular technique of collecting movement data and not physically connected to the vehicle, that’s we wanted to protect.

From the beginning of our research, even before the creation of the company, we thought about the best way to protect our innovation. Discovering 3 years ago that software protection, mainly in France, fell copyright, just like a work of art has left us somewhat perplexed. But legislation has evolved rapidly and, based on case law, we decided to place our first patent software 2 August 2013 with the french Patent registration Bureau (INPI).

This patent is published today on the whole European community (EPO), protects our innovation and allows us to offer our customers an innovative and differentiating technology in any type of lightweight vehicle, new or used, in the presence or absence of  board equipment (sensors), and whatever the type.