This period of confinement disrupts our habits, one of which is to no longer take our car as we did before. You should know that leaving your car too long at a stop is not good for its health. Here are our tips for taking care of your car during confinement!

Shelter your vehicle

If you have a garage, it’s best to store your car there to protect it from dust and insects. If you don’t have a garage, you can also protect your car with a cover. This will save you a passage to the washing rollers at the exit from containment (for all information on washing your car, you can read this eiverTip). But the important thing is what will follow!


The battery: your first concern

When a vehicle is stationary for several weeks, the battery may deteriorate. Indeed, your vehicle’s battery recharges as you drive and in this period of confinement, the least that can be said is that it is not really stressed.To preserve it, we advise you to run your car once every fortnight, as far as possible (to go shopping, go to work, etc.). If this is not possible, you can simply disconnect your battery by disconnecting the negative terminal, this prevents it from discharging.


Tires: don’t make a big deal out of it

Did you know that your car tires wear out when stationary? In fact, even when you are not driving, your tires support the weight of your car and tend to sag. To take care of it, nothing could be simpler: increase your tire pressure by 25% or install shims. For those who have a garage and a place to store them, you can also remove the wheels from your vehicle.

Be careful, once the total deconfinement is pronounced, don’t forget to lower the pressure on your tires or simply put the wheels back up (it seems logical but you never know …).


Avoid condensation

Locked in for a long time, the interior of your car may condense. To combat condensation, you can simply open your windows 1 to 2 cm if your car is safe. If you don’t have a garage, air your car occasionally for a few hours in good weather. This helps prevent mold, moisture and bad odors.


After confinement

Once the cars are allowed to roll again, it is important to check these few points.

  • Adjust the tire pressure correctly again.
  • You must also check the fluid levels (for more information, you can read this eivertip).
  • Finally, make sure that your lights work properly and that your pedals, brakes, steering wheel do not show any unusual resistance.

See you soon for new driving tips, take care of yourself!


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