Transport in “Île de France” French Parisian region is just huge. Just imagine 41 million trips per day, within the region. All combined: train, tram, subway, bike, bus, motorcycle, scooter, truck, van, funicular (yes, too) and … car, of course.

The car traffic remains high and has not really changed in proportion for 10 years: 38%, or fifteen million trips per day in the region. What does that mean? It means that despite the transportation infrastructure enhancement, policies for alternative transportation, suggestions from government to take alternative transport, etc. … the Parisian motorists do not have too much choice. They must drive to move.

If we integrate this reality and if we consider that technological advances continue to fulfill a small portion of drivers of less polluting/all features new cars, how can we reduce our environmental impact on all vehicles being driven right now? Do you have an idea?

Well, to further clarify a little, I have another question: for a journey of about 15 km (that’s about it in town) with an eco-driving support system such as eiver (I mention it as an example of course) how many grams of CO2 do you get to save, roughly?

For those who are already driving with eiver this is easy. Just have a look in your travel diary. We get to save between 100 and 200 grams of CO2 (depending on the vehicle model) for a journey of about 15 km in the city, driven in a COOL,  ZEN and non-violent way. Suppose we generalise for all motorists with a smartphone in Île de France … i.e. … all drivers (what, you do not have one? Talk to you in a couple of months), a small calculation later, 15 million journeys x 15 km x 130 grams of CO2 (this is pessimistic) it is a little more than 2,000,000 kg of CO2 saved. Yes, 2,000 tons per day.

So, okay, I can hear you from here: “Ok, but considering the total produced, it’s no big deal”. My answer: “Maybe, but it is still one step towards less CO2 and, above all, it costs you nothing to do it.” Even better, it also allows you to save fuel, stress and accidents and allows you to earn point discounts from our partners.

So, what are we waiting for?  Cheers and happy eiver driving!