Road transport is responsible for a third of total energy consumption. What if it is due to an issue of driving behavior ?

Fuel consumption generates 30% of CO2 emissions, the main gas responsible for greenhouse climate change. In addition, pollution from cars remains a concern in urban areas.

It starts to be expensive for everyone. So the authorities encourage citizens to leave their cars in the garage and use public”alternative” transport. Easy to say … and what do we do when we do not live in urban areas equipped with Bicycles and metro? Must we stay at home ?

No, we drive by car because we are forced to. And besides being stigmatized because it pollutes, it cost us dearly. So we are told to change vehicles and take a new and less polluting vehicle.

However, it is not enough to change vehicle for a newer to become greener on the road. One must also ensure adapt its driving style. Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are tied. If you accelerate too hard and if you drive too fast, you will continue to pollute as before.

That’s why we invented eiver: an app that helps you in your new21st century’s driver life. Which rewards you when you are driving efficiently, and encourage you to do better, always better, day by day. And works on ALL vehicles.

So go ahead and join the community.

Cheers and good road with eiver.