Challenge your drive. Knowing how to anticipate is the key to flexible and responsible driving. Be prepared for any eventuality on the road.

The golden rule (when driving) for a ZEN ride is to anticipate

When you know you’re going to slow down, or stop (at a red light, for example), try reducing your speed or slow down as soon as possible while maintaining the speed in order your car continues its course to the object of slowing (or stopping). You can use your engine brake to save fuel, it will allow you to slow down gradually.

For example if you see a red light at a distance, release the accelerator and brake a bit if necessary, as soon as possible, hoping that you can keep a little speed when the light turns green … The idea is to get to the light having lost some of the kinetic energy of the car. Anticipation is key in eco-driving. Caution, do not shift to neutral, the effect on consumption is negligible and that safety is disastrous.


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