Here are some useful tips to reduce fuel consumption and pollution caused by the use of air conditioning

  1. change the air filter every year;
  2. as the  conditioning still produces cold air, there is no need to recharge the refrigerant;
  3. park in the shade when possible;
  4. open windows for heat removal before starting the air conditioning;
  5. close the windows when the air conditioning is running;
  6. do not exceed 4-5 ° C difference between the outside and the inside of the air-conditioned car;
  7. turn off the automatic air conditioning when it is not too hot;
  8. in hot weather the “recycling” command, manual air conditioning, to get fresh air in the cabin and thus reduce the energy consumed by the system;
  9. operate the air conditioning from time to time, even in winter, to keep the seals in good shape.