It is quite difficult to save money when passing through motorway tolls. And yet … Here are some tips to save at motorway tolls ! 


Save at the toll? First news! It is rather there that we spend….

First, because unless you go through barriers by force (this is irony, do not do that …), you can not escape the financial contribution requested by the motorway services.

Then there are also expenses that we do not necessarily think about; because restarting after passing the toll and to catch up to the delay on the way, we tend to strongly accelerate. And make the engine “roar” more than necessary, which has the effect of over-consuming and emitting more pollution.

The first rule is to anticipate your arrival at toll, lifting off early enough for the engine brake can have an effect on slowing the car. If we wait too long to reduce speed, you risk having to apply the brakes more than necessary. In addition to a sense of discomfort for you and your passengers, you will wear your pads and tires faster, not to mention the danger to the cars behind you.

Second, and maybe you will be surprised, you can save fuel and CO2 through the barrier. This requires using toll barriers 30 kph or toll known as “no stop” barriers. Indeed, a drive at around 30 kph allows a more flexible and less violent restart, which allows to save a little for each driver – but enormously across all highway users: there are an estimated 50,000 tonnes of CO2 saved / year through this system. But you should be Ulys subscribers. For that, we help you with ULYS. Discover our offers with ULYS in our rewards garage

Talk to you soon and happy eiverDriving !


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Groupe 22 - eiverTip 13: How to save at motorway tolls