A visit to the petrol pump is inevitable and sometimes painful financially … But it is possible to save money by refueling, amazing isn’t it? object lesson!


Tip 1

Do not wait until your tank is almost empty to go to the pump, do it when it is half full. The more fuel in the tank, the less air remains and the less the fuel evaporates. The evaporation of gasoline is much faster than you think …

Tip 2

You arrive at the petrol station and you see that a truck is filling the tanks? Turn around and go to the nearest station. The fact of refueling the pumps leads to mixing in the tanks … This brings up all the dirt in the fuel which could then end up in your tank!

Tip 3

Do not fully depress the pistol grip! There are 3 speed positions, slow, medium and fast, opt for the slowest mode … you will get more for your money!
By applying this rule, you minimize the vapors created during filling. These vapors return to the tank instead of staying in your tank, therefore, you optimize your gasoline.

Tip 4

Often, refueling is done in the evening after work … while it is better to do it in the morning, very early! In fact, the Earth’s temperature being colder, the density of the fuel (petrol or diesel) is lower. As the temperature rises, the fuels expand. So if you fill up in the afternoon, a liter is actually not the same as an exact liter.

Now you know how to save money when you refuel your car ! You will be the king of the petrol station 😉

With all these tips, be happy to go fill your tank!


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