We have all taken our car for a few miles, especially in the city, where, perhaps, there are other effective ways to get around. A way to save money and protect the planet is to change some habits …


From time to time, because we have no choice, of course, and we are free after all … Okay. But make 2 trips under 5 km every day, and alone in his car …. come on! It is time to change habits.

And we are many in this category: a car is used on average 50% of the time for trips under 5 km, which does not allow the engine to reach the ideal temperature operation, especially in cold weather. Consumption, heavy pollution and damage to the engine, etc. …

So to all those who have no choice, we recommend carpooling, to optimize filling of the vehicle and feel less alone. Yes, it also works in the city.

For all others, who have choice, because the subway, train or bus is not very far, you can rediscover the pleasure to be transported.

For most athletes, it’s time to take a little cycling or walking. Sometimes, we forget that walking to the bakery or to work is a way to do sport. For wellnes and to save money, use a bicycle ! 

And if you want to change you habits in a deeper way, let’s go to our Reward Garage to discover our eco-friendly gifts and save even more money 😉

See you soon for a new eiverTip.


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Groupe 22 - eiverTip 09: Do you really need your car to travel a few miles?