According to a study by a tire manufacturer, we would be 78% in Europe to ride with under inflated tires. It is important to frequently check the tire pressure.

What is the good tire pressure?

If these figures are accurate, this is the equivalent of 11,000 tons of CO2 to avoid if everyone put into practice the following advice:

Check your tire pressure at least 1 every 2 months (especially in summer). The less the tires are inflated, the greater the fuel consumption is high. A pressure of 1.5 bar instead of 2.5 bar may cause excessive fuel consumption by 6%!

Need I say more? Tons of things actually. Under inflated tires wear out faster. You will need to change more often. Tire inflation which is not balanced affect handling and can reduce the passive safety of your vehicle. Braking is longer and less accurate.

So keep the pressure up!