Cut the engine. If stopping for 30 seconds or more, not letting your engine run allows significant savings while preserving the starting device.


When you are in town, and then, at the very spot where this measure may be useful, it must be stopped. Restarting without stopping the engine, may stall, stress  the engine or  favour overconsumption.

Anyway, if your vehicle is less than 10 years, no risk of wear and tear or overconsumption. Starters and electronic injectors take care of everything and you will not consume more, nor deal falsely your engine faster.

A little reminder anyway: there is no need to press the accelerator when a “modern” car is started. The fuel inlet is at the right dose and the engine able to do its job on its own. And for the most fortunate among us, there is the wonderful Start & Stop system. You get to a redlight, you’re in a traffic jam, shift to neutral, release the clutch pedal and there you go, not a sound, calm. The light turns green, engage the first gear and the engine restarts instantly. Beautiful technology!

Happy eiver-driving everyone and see you soon for a new eiverTip!



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Groupe 22 - eiverTip 02: If stopping for more than 30 seconds, cut the engine