It is crucial to take good care of your car headlights. This is part of the eco-driving tips and basic maintenance re…

Keep your car headlights working and stay safe

Keeping an eye on your car lights is crucial. You should regularly check them and ensure all are fully functional; in particular the lights indicating that you are stopping. It is necessary that you replace every broken or dead light bulb. You should also replace the ones becoming weak in order to avoid facing them breaking down while you are driving.

It is also recommended to change the car lights covers immediately if these are cracked as it could let water in and create serious damages.

As regards lightbulbs, ensure you always have a box of spare ones in the car. That is something police forces may control.

Please note that even though they look quite similar, the various lightbulbs (for headlights, indicators, etc.) do have specificities. For instance, their power is not the same. When changing a lightbulb if you find yourself applying force, please double-check as the type of lightbulb may not be the right one.

Fashion also comes into play. With the trend to have white indicators on cars, the orange colour then depends on the lightbulbs which are tinted to keep the standard colour when in comes to warning and changing direction. But with time, the varnish may wear off and the bulb colour change to yellow or even white.

At last, do not hesitate to make use of your car’s lights even during the day. A car with lights on is a lot more visible on the road; and a lot safer.

(Article inspired by Automobile Club Association : )


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