We remind you some of the rules of common sense for long journeys starting or returning from holidays. It is important to have a complete check-up of your car before going on the road. Let’s read our tips to make sure your vehicle is ready for holidays. !  

Check your car before departure …

  • Some liquid levels: washer, oil, cooling, brake (when possible, otherwise it done by a garage)
  • Tire pressure because under-inflated tires = danger!. The tires must be inflated, preferably cold, pressure recommended by the manufacturer (hot, add 200-300 grams). Pressures are recorded in the service book, the edge of the left front door or fuel door of the car.
  • Tire wear: tread depth of a tire must not be less than 1.6 mm, otherwise the handling of the car is dangerously disturbed and risk of aquaplaning increases.
  • You can also make the tires checked by a mechanic or a tire professional.
  • Lighting, signage and visibility: when dirty, your lights and headlights can reduce lighting efficiency by 30%! The day before, clean the windshield (outside and inside), all other glass surfaces (mirrors and lights) and replace wiper blades if necessary.
  • The mirrors must be set correctly.

Have it checked by your mechanic …

A week before departure, make an appointment with your mechanic. This professional can make a diagnosis of braking elements (pads, discs and brake fluid), steering, shock absorbers (for the handling and ride comfort) and adjustment of the engine (carburetor, ignition system cooling …). he may also set your lights and check the condition of tires (not forgetting the spare) and wipers.

Now, you are well prepared for holiday being sure you have your vehicle ready for holidays ! Have a good trip with eiver 😉

To be continued…

(post created with the support of road safety. http://www.preventionroutiere.asso.fr


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