You never think about it, a car must have a series of mandatory security equipment. Like for a fishing trip, the boat must be equipped with security devices. 

Required security equipment

  • You are obliged to have in your vehicle: a retroreflective vest, triangle and pre-signaling chemical or electronic breathalyzer certified NF, valid and readily available.
  • Your vehicle must be registered. Up front, the plate must be retroreflective and white. At the back, it must be retroreflective and white or yellow, with a light to be seen from at least 20 metres away.

Optional equipment

  • Equip your vehicle with a spare wheel and tools.
  • Equip yourself with spare bulbs and fuses.
  • Provide printed accident report.
  • If you have a GPS, make good use. It allows you to plan your route and avoid distraction situations, often sources of devolution driving. Do not configure it in any way while driving.
  • Equip yourself with a flashlight. It will be useful in case of failure it is night.

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(post created with the support of french road safety agency)


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