Challenge your drive. Stay polite and be vigilant when driving. Remember that you are not alone on the road. Think safety.

On the road, courtesy means safety.

Whether you are walking, cycling or driving, courtesy remains a foundation of safety. Showing courtesy and respect towards other drivers helps both you and them stay safe.

We are providing various tips about behaviours, car servicing, etc. and, for a second, we want to go back to basics by leveraging advice from outside the automotive world. Advice which, in the end, apply to driving and road behaviours. We want you to stay safe on the road so here are some advice about courtesy on the road in order to help you drive safely:

  • Leave early so you do not have to drive while being stressed,

– Use indicators and be obvious about your intents (turning, stopping, etc…),

  • If cycling or walking, make sure that people can see you (wear light coloured clothing or safety vest),
  • Wave to thank other drivers,
  • Try to slightly slow down when another car is overtaking you,
  • In winter, make sure to remove the snow or ice from your car and the windscreen in particular,
  • Last, but definitely not least, keep calm when driving.

Let’s drive – and show courtesy!


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