On frozen ground, it is necessary to know how to delay and above all, anticipation of the road. It is a good way to be responsible.

Anticipation is the key to safely driving on snow or ice. Here are the explanations:

On frozen or snowy ground, we will adopt one of the great rules of eco-driving, anticipation.

Adapting your driving and looking, from far away, for crossings, road lights, stops or simple turns will allow you to adopt the right driving attitude and, thus, to control your vehicle.

If you are a sailor, you will quickly understand that you also have to get ready to manoeuvre the car on the snow, by anticipating enough to turn or stop.

To achieve this, forget the middle pedal (or left if you are driving a car with an automatic gearbox). Engine braking is the preferred solution for stopping. Engine braking and shifting gears down, then a very soft and delicate pressure on the brake for the last meters.

And there you are! Stopped, safe and sound, ready to slide down the slopes (on skis this time).


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Groupe 22 - eiverTip 85 : ❄️ Driving on the snow = anticipation !