Summer is ending, people are back on the roads and rain (or even icy road) is now on the way.

Driving on an icy road

It is sadly not something one can learn when working towards passing their licence. Yet, knowing how to handle a car when there is water or ice on the road can – and should – be learned for the sake of everybody’s safety on the roads.

Now may be the right time to consider taking a few lessons before planning your winter holidays. This could save some embarassment on the snowy roads leading to skiing resorts.

To get you started, we are giving you five pieces of advice about how to drive on a slippery road and avoid losing control of your vehicle – or regain it:

  1. Follow the direction of your eyes
  2. Do not brake
  3. Do not accelerate
  4. Handle the driving wheel smoothly
  5. Set your gear to neutral (for manual gear cars)

Our sixth rule, stay safe!

This post complements yesterday’s that you can find here.


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Groupe 22 - eiverTip 80: 5 tips for driving on icy roads