Brr, cold, snow, ice, rain, the roads becomes slippery everywhere. Here are some tips for negotiating your turns on frozen or snow covered ground.

Whatever the context, a turn should really be anticipated. But even more so on frozen or snow covered ground. Hold on your foot before entering the turn, and use the engine brake. No sudden movement on the wheel. On snow, the wheels must be able to follow the tracks. A good test is to hold the steering wheel with two fingers and feel if the wheels tilt by themselves or not. If this is not the case, hold the steering wheel firmly and turn gently, without sudden movement.

If you feel the car deviate from the path, don’t brake, raise the foot, switch to first gear if this is not already the case and wait for complete stop. Do not try to straighten turning the steering wheel because you will compound the situation. Indeed, in this case, many of us turn the steering wheel too sharply. Drive carefully and talk to you soon for a next tip.