Summer has come to a close. Time to prepare for new driving conditions, with rain and possibly on slippery roads.

How to drive on slippery roads ? 

With Autumn here and winter looming, it is that time of the year when roads become tricky again. Whether it is rain or ice, drivers can be taken by surprise. Here are 7 tips to help avoid that:

  1. Before starting driving ensure your windshield is clean. No fog or ice on it or take time to ensure you can see through it. Clean the front and back lights too so other drivers can see you.
  2. On an icy road, in case of problem, please bear in mind that braking will require four times the usual distance so keep your distances from other cars on the road. Keep your speed under control and drive smoothly.
  3. Think ahead when you want to stop and reduce your speed progressively. Try to avoid braking when in a turn. 
  4. When driving, keep the engine running high and use the engine brake to work your speed.
  5. When temperatures are below zero, use the hand brake and have a gear on (so ice does not block the braking system) when parking your car.
  6. Try to avoid fully stopping and start by using the throttle smoothly to ensure your tyres are not sliding.
  7. If your car is sliding on an ice patch, slowly turn the wheel and avoid braking. If the road goes downhill or uphill, use the throttle to get some grip back.

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