The French association for the defense of motorists, “40 Millions d’automobilistes” just released a study showing the number of victims of drowsiness when driving on French roads.

The solutions to face drowsiness when driving

Many solutions can and should be implemented to improve the passive safety of motorists and reduce this figure: guardrails on roads, suitable also for motorcyclists, sleep detection equipment, alarms for crossing lanes, etc… .

But there is already an existing way to do that. Which is free and can save lives : eiver. Your application is programmed to display a reminder to take a break after 2 hours of non-stop driving. If you decide not to stop and take your break, eiver will remind you 15 minutes later, and so on.

This is our small contribution to the improvement of active safety for motorists.

Happy – and safe – eiverDriving!


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Groupe 22 - eiverTip 76 : How to fight drowsiness when driving?