Back to school days; parents are often more stressed than their children. Students must go to class by car can also lose their composure. Here are some tips.

How to go back to school with a no stressing drive ?

The days of return to school are often synonymous with stress and excitement. All this is not very well with a zen attitude driving.

Do not wait until the last minute to leave. Get ahead and leave a little earlier than usual. You will stress less on the course.

Respect really signaling, especially in cities, and the approach of the school or college. The tendency to cross without looking and outside the crosswalk is tenfold the first day of school.

Beware of traps usual route. Repair work or improvement of the road often take place during the summer holidays. If you are not careful enough, you may not find your bearings and not see a speed limit sign has changed, for example.


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