On the highway, most of the time, winds on the road can affect your driving and your safety. It is useless to fight against. Here are our tips to avoid unpleasant surprises.

What to do when you face winds on the road ?

  1. Monitor the sock red and white that gives strength and direction of the wind. You can also check wind turbine near some highways and estimate the strength of the wind speed.
  2. Beware of tunnel exits and also viaducts. The crosswind that can meet is often violent.
  3. Pay attention to the end of the passing of a truck or a bus. The call for air can be important.
  4. out of corners and curves, a barrier can be on the road, ripped off by the wind (trees, etc.)
  5. Beware of projections of various objects that move in the wind
  6. Be careful when opening the door, especially before leaving your vehicle
  7. Slow at all times by the presence of significant wind
  8. Postpone your trip if possible.

(Article created with the support of the French Road Safety Association)


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Groupe 22 - eiverTip 73: Beware of strong winds on the road