We cannot do everything; play music and drive at the same time rather difficult. More seriously, to avoid the “accordeon” in the traffic, here are some tips.


In congestion, try to smooth out surges in traffic. In other words, rather than sticking the car in front, accelerate and brake with it, leave it there to take a little distance and try to run at the appropriate constant speed to avoid having to accelerate and brake all the time. This method is actually very effective. The only problem will be resisting the tempestuous driver of the car following you, and who didn’t understand that you will not be going as fast as the line of cars, but only average speed.

Apart from the reduction in consumption, and in case you have a car with manual transmission, and you will use gear much less, and request a much less your joints and back. Smoothing is a technique of anticipation of accordeon traffic aimed to keep the kinetic energy phenomena of the car.


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Groupe 22 - eiverTip 50: In the traffic, don't play car accordeon