Night driving calls for car lights and lamps in perfect condition. Remember that the police can penalize you if your car does not meet this requirement.

Why are the car lights so important ? 

To ensure maximum illumination of the road, the headlights must always be spotless. Remember to clean with water and a sponge regularly and before undertaking a long journey. Headlights that are not only used for night driving. They allow to be seen in bad weather as well. Think about it.

As for the tail lights, make sure that the colors red (stop light) and orange (flashing) of plastic are not too faded, otherwise you may blind drivers behind you.

Adjust the headlights is easy to do. First, place your car on a levelled surface facing a wall, about ten yards from it. Check the height of the axis of the headlights on your car and see the dimension on the wall. The right headlight must at this height slightly right of center. The left must enlighten straight ahead, ten centimeters lower and certainly not left to avoid the risk of dazzling oncoming drivers.

You can also perform this check at night on the road. In this case, stop at a flat stretch of road, desert and straight. The beam must illuminate at 100 meters, the low beam 30 meters. Step back, simulate normal seat height and check that your car lights do not blind people.

If your headlights are not properly set, you can act on the screws on the increase of headlights (help yourself with the user manual).

Ask a friend to take the driver’s seat while you make adjustments. It will guide you.

For a sharper adjustment, you will entrust your car mechanic. It will make a perfect focus by using a headlamp aiming device.

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