A safe and controlled driving should be done with eyes behind its head almost constantly. Here are a few tips to remember to watch your back in order to be vigilant at any time. 

Gestures to remain vigilant

In the flow of traffic or in traffic jam or on a country road a bit isolated, we can be surprised by a vehicle behind that we see too late.

First, you must prepare to overtake with a glance in the mirrors. Yes: mirrorS. We have one central and two lateral. They are all 3 essential. This is not because nothing is visible in the central one there is no vehicle behind us. Often motorcycle can be slightly offset in a blind spot, starting to overtake you or close to your bumper. Check out the other two mirrors and put your turn signal when the check up has been made.

Even when you do not have the intention to turn or overtake, have the reflex to visual verification in the mirrors regularly, almost permanently.

Have a safe ride (you can read our other safety tips


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Groupe 22 - eiverTip 37: Make sure to have eyes on the back of your head